Perched at Grand view Park

San Francisco, CA // April 4th 2017
Photographer: @meetmichaelhenry
In the shot: @kranite

After a day long skate session around San Francisco's Sunset District (a slightly removed, calmer city section of SF) - Matt and I hiked to the top of Grand View park.

While watching the freighters exit the Bay and head into the open ocean we searched for shot angles to capture those freighters, the dramatic sunset, epic city scape. In the shot you can see Golden Gate Park, busting into the crowded neighborhoods. 

Edited (1 of 1).jpg
org (1 of 1).jpg

Tools used include: Macbook Pro 2015 (Late 2013), Lightroom CC 2015


This was a fairly strait-forward edit inside Adobe Lightroom CC. I ustilized almost all of the panels and spruced up the image immensly in a matter of a few minutes. 

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