InMotion Slider Kickstarter Imagery

In preparation for their Kickstarter campaign, I worked with InMotion to capture product and lifestyle imagery to showcase their slider meant for smartphones and GoPros. The priority for this project was showcasing the portability of the product, mixed with the iconic scenery of San Francisco.

InMotion had a successful campaign raising $107,000 with the help of this content. 

1- IMG_8521.jpg
2- IMG_8735.jpg
3- IMG_9208.jpg
4- IMG_8632.jpg
5- IMG_9074.jpg
6- IMG_9728.jpg
8- IMG_0455.jpg
9- IMG_0366.jpg
15- IMG_1630.jpg
19- IMG_1232.jpg
16- IMG_2150.jpg
17- IMG_2177.jpg
20- IMG_1158.jpg
21- IMG_1389.jpg
12- IMG_1041.jpg
22- IMG_9177.jpg