Shooting Simply - GoPro

The Sunset District of San Francisco // 37°45'49" N 122°28'29" W

Shots like this that remind why the GoPro is my favorite camera.  

In GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking, Nick Woodman (the founder) explains, “A GoPro as a proactive capture device, which differentiates itself from a reactive capture device, like a phone.” Reactive devices require a user to see something they want to shoot, pull their camera up to their face, and press a button.

GoPros are different. I was on my evening bike ride home, saw a dramatic sunset ahead, reached into my backpack to grab my GoPro, and long pressed the record button to start shooting (that’s called QuikCapture). My GoPro started taking photos and I just kept biking, experimenting with a few different angles while making sure I didn’t get hit by a car...

shooting simply - gopro.jpg


GoPro Hero5. Time Lapse Photo mode, 5 second interval, RAW.


No mount or case was used. The GoPro was in the palm of my hand, oriented portrait style. I purposely was turning my head to look up toward the sky and slightly toward the GoPro to get the blue glare in my Sunski sunglasses.

angle Shooting simple gopro.JPG
raw on gopro.JPG
settings gopro shooting simple.JPG


Below you'll see the step by step editing process in Adobe Lightroom. Each graphic shows how a specific Lightroom panel effected the photo, and brought it closer to it's final look.


Thanks for reading my tutorial! I hope you enjoyed it.

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