Hey Rinse Team, welcome to my website! Below are some of my favorite consumer brands. Feel free to read on and browse my website to see my work and experience.

  • Peak Design is the brand that inspires me most. As the most successfully crowdfunded company in the world, it’s clear they know how to hype, launch and develop a campaign. I bought my backpack after seeing a Facebook ad that drove me to watch their 5 minute, mind-blowing Kickstarter video. It did a great job highlighting the backpack's many features. Their customers love them for their top notch products, and they do a great job reflecting that across web and social.
  • Chicago Music Exchange is one of the top music stores in the nation. They’ve done a great job transferring the incredible experience of their brick & mortar store to the web. Their team of musicians and gear experts have built a passionate community through high quality content that is created in-house. They use many clever marketing tactics, but one of my favorites is their continual giveaways, where they promote a different piece of music gear each month. It builds community, interest and promotes new featured products.
  • Red Bull sells sugar water but remains one of fastest growing, most inspiring brands in the world. Through working at Red Bull, I learned how the brand prioritizes inspiration and experience in everything. They create new events for average people to participate in, and attach themselves to young, up and coming athletes.
    • I’ve also experienced Red Bull from a unique outside perspective. Last year, my photograph was selected for the Red Bull Illume photography exhibition. Red Bull flew 50 photographers from around the world to unite us in our passion for photography, action and adventure. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and could only be made possible by Red Bull. I was inspired by how Red Bull engaged and activated such a passionate community around their brand. I met some of the best action photographers in the world, who all stated their massive respect and appreciation for the brand.
  • Chubbies is a brand that knows exactly how to market to their target customer. Their “weekender” email is hilarious and loved by hundreds of thousands. They create humorous organic content that’s shared on a massive scale. Their Instagram posts of couples wearing matching chubbies suits was a genius campaign to promote their new ladies line.
  • Dollar Shave Club. Who hasn't seen their original promo video? Or heard about their 1 Billion Dollar acquisition? It’s a fairly basic Direct to Consumer model that people understand and see value in. They’re one of my favorite brands because they’ve maintained consistent messaging that leverages their simple subscription process.

  • Squarespace is able to advertise extremely well to a broad audience. It’s tough because they have a product that can be used by drastically different people (students, bands, businesses etc). They do a great job of developing ads for each unique user that land customers on high quality landing pages tailored to their interest. Here are some examples:

  • Peel is a phone case brand you’ve probably seen advertised online. They time sales and promotion around new phone launches and do so through simple, elegant branding. I enjoy their ad’s clean look and simple messaging (see below). Peel was built by the people at Need/Want, an agency that owns a few brands. They run Minimums a publication detailing The most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people and use the outlet to advertise their many brands. I love how all of their efforts intertwine.

Thanks for reading! I'd love for you to learn more about me by checking out my about page, professional experience or some of the content I've created.